Actor & Model Institute

Our Approach


A good teacher should challenge you at any level or age, but provide constructive criticism (critiques) for your benefit. Under the guidance of AMI‘s instructors, you will see how you can put your talents to work, and maybe even discover new ones. Our group classes are kept small in order to give you the individual attention you need and deserve, while allowing you to interact with others as you would in most professional employment settings.

Many coaches can show you how to act, but at AMI we teach you the business of acting, that extra something to stand out. One of the first things a casting director will notice about you as an actor or performer is confidence. Many actors and models have lots of talent, but are unable to show it off when they’re out of their comfort zone. Our goals at AMI is to provide an education and environment in which you feel safe and comfortable enough to develop your craft. We also want you to get past your fears of stage fright or public speaking. From many years of experience in the industry, our exceptional instructors have the tools to equip you with the knowledge and strength to be your best and let your talents shine. We want you to believe in yourself so that others will believe in your art too!

It also takes a lot of business sense to make it in the industry; this is something often overlooked and not taught in many acting schools. AMI offers classes and workshops that take into account the business of acting which can get you where you need to be. Whether you’re pursuing commercial work, film acting, presenting or just extra work, knowing how the industry works and how to market yourself is a must-have skill set and you will find it in everything we teach.